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Jessica Amlee Weight Loss Journey [2022]

Even at the age of 27, Jessica Kelsey Amlee weighs about 45 kg. However, she wasn’t always that fit and skinny. In fact, Jessica Amlee hit 240 pounds at her heaviest. Afterward, she started eating healthy and never missed breakfast.

As a result, Jessica Amlee lost more than 100 pounds after the birth of her daughter Birdie Mae – 3rd baby of Jessica Kelsey Amlee.

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Jessica Amlee Weight Loss
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Jessica Amlee Biography

The impressive Jessica Amlee weight loss has stunned a lot of people. From being a full-figured Canadian television actress, she has become a former weight watchers’ spokeswoman.

Jessica Simpson is a Canadian film and tv actress known for her role as playing “Mallory” in the television series heartland. She was born in British Columbia on July 17, 1994.

Jessica Amlee Biography:

Jessica Amlee Weight – 45 kg

Jessica Amlee Height – 3 ft 3 inches

Jessica Amlee Birthday – July 17, 1994

Jessica Amlee Zodiac Sign – Cancer

Jessica Amlee Hair Color – Blonde

Jessica Amlee Age – 27

Jessica Kelsey Amlee – Everything You Need to Know

We all have heard Jessica Amlee weight loss stories. There are hundreds of Jessica Amlee weight loss pics available on the internet. Through her handwork and passion, the Canadian television and film actress has completely changed her body figure as well as life.

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Family & Childhood

The film actress Jessica Amlee was born to her parents, Douglas Amlee and Steffie Amlee, in British Columbia. Jessica Amlee grew up in Maple Ridge and spent most of her childhood with her beloved brother – Mason Amlee.


Jessica Amlee is currently dating David J Roberts – an Australian actor. They have been in a relationship for quite a while now. Jessica Amlee has displayed her open relationship with David on numerous social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where you can find several Jessica Amlee pictures with mostly actor David J Roberts.


From a young age, her dream was to become an actress and play make-belief on the big screen. At the age of 5, Jessica Simpson’s parents decided to make it a reality. As of today, the tv actress Jessica Amlee has worked in dozens of films and TV shows.

Jessica started her career as a small actress and gained most of her fame by playing “Mallory” in the famous television series heartland. Jessica Amlee has also appeared in “Love Crimes of Gillian Guess, Beneath, Greenhouse Academy as Jackie Sanders.”

Due to her fame, Jessica Amlee has become an idol and trending model. there are numerous trends active on social media, like “Jessica Simpson’s weight loss pics,” “Jessica Amlee Bio,” “Jessica Amlee News,” “Jessica Amlee Measurements,” and “Jessica Kelsey Amlee greenhouse academy.”



Are you wondering how much weigh Jessica Amlee? The Canadian film actress has lost more than 100 pounds after the birth of her 3rd baby. At this moment, the actual weight of Jessica Kelsey Amlee is about 45 kg.

To get more insight into her life, don’t forget to read the above-mentioned Jessica Amlee biography and life history.